An In-Depth Lighting Seminar for Wedding & Portrait Photographers


There’s a million other photographers out there and their numbers are growing every day. More than ever, the key to success is to stand out with your work. Understanding the intricacies of light and lighting is essential to increasing your worth as a professional photographer. From your day-long seminar with John Mireles and Jules Bianchi, you’ll learn:

  1. -The fundamentals of using light to create the looks that you want

  2. -Quick, simple and lightweight techniques for creating dramatic wedding shots

  3. -Advanced lighting setups for working with high-value and commercial clients

  4. -How to use direct sunlight to create stunning images

  5. -Simple setups for dramatic in-studio or on-location portraits

  6. -All about professional lighting equipment, when to use it and what to buy

  7. -How to light like Annie Leibowitz, not Olan Mills!

If you’re a portrait or wedding photographer looking for simple, quick-to-use lighting techniques that can add a lot of drama to your photos, this seminar is designed for you.

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LA Seminar

Thursday June 12, 2008

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Melrose Lightspace

7600 Melrose Ave Ste. N

Los Angeles, CA 90046

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